Kanon Collective!

I am now the newest member of Kanon Art Gallery at 766 Santa Fe in Denver and I am very excited! Being a member means I will always have paintings in the back of the front of the gallery (you heard me, back front) and jewelry and prints in the back back (but not back back back as that would be outside). Then I get a solo show in the main gallery once a year. My solo show will not be until 2019 as I just joined, so you have plenty of time to get ready. And speaking of outside, there is the cutest little courtyard out back where you and I will hang out weather permitting (or weather not permitting if I ever find my scarf). 

So that is my news, which also explains why I promised to post on this blog once a week and then never did again. I was painting. Or talking about painting, that's probably it. 

Today is my first day to sit the gallery and someone already caught me singing to myself, so that's nice. I will be working every other Sunday, you should come visit me.